This Christmas holiday I leased my first jeans ever, of course made from organic cotton! The concept is developed by Mud from my hometown Utrecht. €20 to start with and €5 each month, 12 months long. At the end of this period I can opt for:

  1. additional €20 and wear the jeans as long as I want; get the €20 back when I return the jeans to Mud
  2. a new model from Mud and pay €7,50 switching costs
  3. return the jeans to Mud and it will be re-used in a way that fits the condition of the fabric/jeans at that time
image courtesy to Mud Jeans

image courtesy to Mud Jeans

It’s just an awesome feeling to actually lease your clothing and be sure it’s taken well care of in case I return it to Mud. Makes me think of Desso. They did the same with carpet tiling.

Update per 10th March 02015:

Mud announced they had to change their leasing concept as it appeared to be hard to pre-finance collections. Basically Mud was ‘playing’ bank & they figured that both consumers and retailers had difficulties grasping the concept. The new concept is phrased like: you buy a jeans, we remain owner of the raw material. We want the jeans back in case you want to dispose it. I guess that’s even harder to explain.