These are organisations I endorse / sponsor.


Aspiration 1: borrow stuff within 2 minutes
Aspiration 2: change manufacturers’ design strategy

Est. in 02012. Dutch based company Peerby. I’m a minority share-holder.


Aspiration: ‘Trying to scratch that curiosity itch.

Since 02002, fanboy since around 2017 I guess. Best. Podcast. Ever. Including. The. Spin-off. Shows.

Image courtesy: The Observer. Photographer: unknown

  • Argibald [graphic artist, philosopher in my hometown Utrecht, the Netherlands]
  • Colin Benders [aka Kyteman]
  • Dutch Kidney Foundation / NeoKidney
  • Greenpeace
  • GroenLinks
  • Human [Dutch public broadcast organisation]
  • Man met de Microfoon
  • Neude font gemaakt door voormalige stichting z25 (sponsoring van de letter Y van Yppah). Neude font is te downloaden via GitHub.
  • Red Cross
  • StraatNieuws [I’m an irregular buyer, sorry streetpeople!]
  • UJazz [foundation organising and supporting improv music in my hometown Utrecht, the Netherlands]
  • VPRO
  • Warchild
  • Wikimedia Foundation (owner of Wikipedia)