The Sander Mulder’s I have been able to trace so far on the interweb:

Sander Mulder — the designer of stuff and projects
Eindhoven based designer of stuff. Often confused with me, the real Sander Mulder — the designer of education. I hired him once as a freelancer which was awkward on the phone… “Hi, Sander Mulder speaking.” Echo. Sold him the .com which felt like selling my ego. Was a friends-price compensating for the costs of keeping the domain over the years. He’s been able to take over from the Dutch national volleyball player Sander Mulder. Must admit I bought bits and pieces of my ego via

Sander Mulder @ KPMG
Funny. My first job was at KPMG Consulting. My namesake Sander Mulder moved up the ladder. Take a look yourself via this LinkedIn profile or his profile page at KPMG.

Sander Mulder @ Achmea
Another Sander Mulder in finance… at the insurance company Achmea. Check out his Facebook.

Sander Mulder @ The West Wing ThinkTank
Apparently there’s a West Wing in our national government in The Hague. Check this namesake out via LinkedIn.

Sander Mulder @ Utrecht Mark II
OK… my hometown of 340.000 inhabitants has at least one other Sander Mulder. Check his Facebook.

Sander Mulder — the biker
One of those dreams I did not pursue because I’m too scared to fall off the bike and not die. This fellow dares and I do envy him… Check him out on Facebook.

Sander Mulder @ Zwolle Mark II
Hmm… I was born and raised in Zwolle (or Zwollywood). This guy is from Zwolle too according to his Facebook (which is actually the end of the interweb…)

Sander Mulder wants to win
Intriguing to follow the different attempts to win something by sharing via Facebook. Works as Field Service Technician at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions.

Sander Mulder trying to remain obscure
Very difficult to tell something about this namesake as his Facebook is not telling much.

There’s an approximate 25 other guys. More. Work. To. Do.

Yppah (the music performer)

Electronic music producer & DJ Joe Corrales (USA) performs under the artist name Yppah.

‘Everybody get happy with YPPAH. YPPAH is the electronic band that channels psychedelic, hip-hop and minimalism’

Echoes, retrieved 24.4.02020 via

Mr. Corrales has his own Wikipedia page. Buy his music a.o. via Qobuz. Listen to his music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Metapop, Soundcloud, Ninjatune,, Rateyourmusic or DisCog. Check his social media Facebook, Twitter, or his tour dates on Bandsintown or via Songkick.

‘Ambient, experimental-leaning, electronic and synth pop outfit centered around Houston, Texas native Joe Corrales.’

Allmusic – retrieved at 24.4.02020 via

Yppah Media

A couple of companies working together in the USA under